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Eileen Zegar EZ_headshoot_CROPmade her first significant work of art with a crayon on the wall of her bedroom closet. That was soon followed by the job of creating all of the murals for her first grade class. With a dedication to drawing and painting, she completed her undergraduate studies in Fine Arts at San Francisco State. She then went on to complete her Masters in Fine Arts at the Maryland Institute College of Art, in Baltimore, MD.

Her drawings have been shown in a number of curated shows to include the Corcoran Museum of Art, W.D.C., School 33 in Baltimore MD, and has been represented by galleries in Los Angeles, the Napa Valley, and Washington D.C. Her reviews have included the front page of the Washington Post Sunday Style section. Her work has appeared in film and television as well.

Zegar began her career as an editorial illustrator for publications including the Washington Post & Star. In partnership with two other artist, she created & developed a national greeting card company, Aqua Ink. She went on to develop a large manufacturers sales representative business for the gift industry in Washington D.C later relocating in Southern California. Eileen worked closely with the nations’ largest Christmas décor company, overseeing the installation at some of the largest malls throughout the United States. After selling her company, she worked as a Set Decorator/ buyer for films, Television and commercials. Her last job was a run on the Price is Right and the Film Bad News Bears with Billy Bob Thornton.

After years of working around the visual arts, Eileen went on to get an advanced degree in the healing arts as a Licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist. She also got a degree in Massage Therapy. Her practice, Creative Wellbeing is located in Los Angeles. At WeSpark Cancer Support Center, Zegar developed a no charge Acupuncture program for in-treatment and metastatic cancer patients. She has developed self help acupuncture programs for The Simms/Mann-UCLA Center for Integrative Oncology and Wespark. In addition she has taught at Emperors College of Oriental Medicine, Samra University and Shiatsu Message School of Southern California.

About The Work

After many years of drawing, painting, Zegar’s choice of media rotates between oil pastels on paper or hard board, and oil on canvas. She has also enjoys working 3 dimensionally.

Land Meditations

An ongoing body of work that was begun in the 90’s as Zegar drove through much of the United States. She would pull over and photograph and later adapt these images to her preferred medium for travel, oil pastels on paper. Traveling with a ream of Fabriano “22 x 36” watercolor paper, Holbein and Neopastel crayons she would set up a work area in various locations including, Montana, Portland, Seattle, Santa Fe, and Sonoma County to work. The pieces are manipulated with her fingers, rags and turpentine. Many of the pieces were created as dyptichs. She has also complete landscapes in larger format, on oil and Canvas.

These pieces are in many private collections and have appeared in film and television.

DogArtla Commissioned Pet Portraits

While attending graduate school, Eileen first began creating works on paper featuring her Belgian Sheepdog, Zoey. Colleagues and the media began referring to the young Zegar, as “the dog lady” The works were mixed media collages integrating her drawings and found images, executed in oil pastel, pencil and model paints.

Today, Eileen again finds herself painting dogs all over again. She started with an oil pastel rendering of her dog, Montana. Later she decided to paint her Japanese Chin, Ralph in a more dignified oil painting. Zegar’s has received commissions from all over the United States. Using photos sent to Zegar has been able to capture the essence of these animals. Works have been completed on paper, canvas and hardboard.

Commissioned Portraits

Much like DogArtLa works, Zegar has taken on commissioned portrait work of Children and Adults. The work has been executed in oil pastels on paper and oil on canvas.


Zegar’s most recent series of children in their superhero costumes is in the process of development. In this series, Zegar has shot her own photos of children as they embody their favorite character. This is about their fantasy juxtaposed into a background created by Zegar. The pieces are larger scale and oil on canvas.

Zegar has enjoyed worked with the juxtapositioning of native and spiritual imagery with contemporary settings throughout her career. The imagery that is threatening and comforting fascinate her. This is found in much of her earlier work. Her love of color prevails in all of her work.